I'm an Inventory Expert for the FileMaker Platform

FileMaker by Claris is a very popular alternative to complicated enterprise systems.

FileMaker is great for inventory software


FileMaker runs on both Windows and Mac. Native mobile support for iPhone and iPad. And, of course, the web.

Concurrent Users

Procurement, sales, and warehouse teams can all log into one data system without disruptions.


A scripting engine along with dedicated server software makes automations and backups a breeze.

Share Data

Businesses run on multiple apps. You need a platform that easily talks to your data tools.

Highly Customizable

Your business rules and procedures should determine your software, not the other way around.

World Support

Claris has been around for over 30 years and has a strong, vibrant community around the world.

How I Can Help You

Free Articles and Demos

I wrote 30+ articles and created over a dozen demo files to help explore the flexibility of using FileMaker to build an inventory management solution.

The resources at FileMaker Inventory Resources (FMIR) are free.


Remote Consulting

I can meet with you and your team to discuss your inventory data and inventory management system. I've built inventory systems from the ground up, so I know a lot of the pitfalls you may experience.

Ask about the 10+ hours discount.


Starter Bundle

The FM Inventory Starter bundle is a set of files for the DIYer. The set includes 6 files, each with a different method of item costing (Perpetual FIFO, LIFO, and Average | Periodic FIFO, LIFO, and Average.


Trayse Inventory

If you're looking for a robust, customizable inventory management system, this is it! Working modules include Purchasing, Sales, Warehousing, Lot Tracking, Serial Number Tracking, Assembly, and more.

Hi. I'm Daniel Shanahan.

I started using FileMaker in 1991. In 2007, I became a full-time developer, starting New Leaf Data, LLC a year later. In 2016, I focused all my services toward inventory management on the FileMaker platform.

I help distributors and manufacturers from around the world with their inventory data problems. That's not hyperbole. My customers are from Korea, Mauritius, Thailand, the U.K. and of course, the United States.

New Leaf Data, LLC has been a Claris Business Alliance Partner since 2008.

BTW, I know I could use a more professional photo. But my goal is work to live. I believe FileMaker can help you achieve that as well. Schedule a meeting and let's start the conversation.

Some companies I've recently helped

From my 2019-2020 list. There's more prior to 2019!

Tectron Engineering

Ponca Products, Inc.


Best Fit Material

Mayatzia Studios

Luther Home of Mercy

Informing Designs

Chart Lifecycle

Anywhere Events


SMD Limited


Palos Software


SledgeHammer Solutions


Iriis, LLC

Luke Lamp Co.

Decision Group

Community Technology Center

Jenste Limited

Gleaner Life Society

Vivid Comuting Services

Frap Tools SRLS

Landmark Creations

Bar Draught


The Computer Connection, LLC

Flooring N Beyond

InField Systems

PBL Assay Science


Repair Em Inc.


Lot of Music

Rig Supply

Nexus Group Shipping Solutions



Cambi Express


Colt Refining and Recycling


Technipaq, Inc.



Cloud Base Software

Creative Technology

Conveyor Innovations International

Friedmann Print Data Solutions

9 Degrees

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