Inventory Management

Custom Applications for Manufacturers and Distributors

A small manufacturing company creates testing kits for scientists around the world. But their growth was hampered by data silos: a legacy database, over 1.000 MS Word documents, and countless spreadsheets.

Like grain stored in various silos on a farm, their data was unconnected. That means there was no easy way to look at an SKU and know how many customers purchased it and when. There was no way know which products were most popular. There was no way to anticipate purchasing peaks or slow periods.

And all of this had financial ramifications.

5 Benefits of Inventory Management Systems

Inventory management systems are very important for distibutors and manufacturers. Although there are countless ways to receive value from them, I've listed 5 key features that every inventory management system should have. Knowing these key features will help you determine if your system needs improvements. It will also help you wade through the multitude of options available.

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  • What Others have said about New Leaf Data, LLC

    Elizabeth Cousino


    Best Fit Materials

    Daniel worked with our small business to create a custom database platform, helping to transfer us from an old system that we were unhappy with. The project met deadlines consistently and communication was very easy. The project met our expectations and we continue to work with him as we expand the system into other parts of the business.

    About the project

    In spite of smartwatches, millions of people prefer a traditional watch with moving parts. Best Fit Materials helps make that possible by supplying the world's watch makers with the parts they need.

    The company had a legacy DOS-like data system that required an emulator on all their PCs. In 2012 they realized it was time for a change. New Leaf Data built a distribution inventory system that handles purchases, sales orders, shipping and invoicing.

    Lee Kazista

    Rental Manager

    Monster Remotes

    We handed Daniel minimal information about our business and rental product, and he still managed to not only make sense of our 3000+ inventory items, but he came at it from an angle that we never expected. Top notch results that all happened ahead of schedule, with detailed explanations, and never a gripe about requested changes.

    About the project

    If you've ever seen Orphan Black, X-men: Days of Future Past, Night at the Museum 3, or Game of Thrones then you can thank Monster Remotes. This New Jersey based company rents movie camera equipment for major television and movie productions.

    Rentals were tracked on spreadsheets and word processing documents and put into a file cabinet. When a piece of their camera kit needed to be replaced, they had to spend valuable time searching through reams of paper work to make that happen. Now it is just one of many functions that happens at the click of a button.

    Russ Hart

    Managing Partner

    Arbor Assays

    New Leaf Data had the experience that gave us confidence that it could take our very old invoicing file and create an easier to use and more efficient invoicing system while creating a custom made inventory system on the backend. Daniel is a pleasure to deal with.

    About the project

    Arbor Assays manufactures kits that help scientists around the world perform tests in their laboratories. A legacy database and a lot of Word documents and spreadsheets served them well but it was time for a change.

    New Leaf Data updated their legacy system to a more intuitive system. We also added a complex inventory and lot management to integrate with their customer invoicing system.

    Complimentary Analysis - Knowing Where to start

    If you're not currently using an inventory management system, then it can be overwhelming to know where to start. After our 30 minute conversation you will:

    1. Know how to locate your various data sets
    2. Compare off-the-shelf solutions with custom solutions
    3. Understand the advantages of on-site solutions and the advantages of cloud-based solutions
    4. Outline an action plan
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